New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913

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New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913

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Class of 1943


(The Last)

The "New" Paradise Destiny II

Our 1943 Reunion was our 'best' exclaimed many after our luncheon at the Minnesota Valley Country Club. As indicated below we had a boat ride on Wednesday with 52 aboard. The weather was so perfectly beautiful we thought we were in paradise, not just on the Paradise boat, sailing around Excelsior and Wayzata bays of Lake Minnetonka. The desserts were delicious and all on board just had a wonderful day.

As 63 class members arrived at Minnesota Valley each had a Red, white and Blue ribbon put around their neck with a medal commemorating our 1943 class.

Also in attendance were 32 guests/spouses. Everyone seemingly enjoyed the setting, the food and entertainer Shawn Sweeney as we all had another pleasant, wonderful day.

Many mementoes were on display as well as pictures, taken by Don Modeen, of everyone on the boat ride. They were enjoyed by those who missed being on the boat as well as those who admired themselves in the pictures - which Don allowed them to keep. And as a parting gift each class member was given a neatly boxed gold scallop shell from Eleita SWALLENDER Babbitt. She wanted each of us to have a nice remembrance of our last reunion. (Those of you who were at our 60th reunion may remember she gave each of us a sculpted fish and also provided all the centerpieces for our tables.) If you would like to view the shell she gave us this year, and many other items, they are at Eleita's daughter and son-in-law own the company and it is quite interesting to learn the process necessary to arrive at the finished product.

The information included here is for our 60 + 5 REUNION and is the same as our NEWSLETTER that will be mailed out on June 10. If you don't receive a NEWSLETTER or if you have any questions please call John Leak at 952-941-3525.

Your committee has planned a fun two days for our last reunion. We have over a hundred days to think positively while we anticipate, hope and plan for a sunny blue sky on Wednesday, September 24. We will enjoy an afternoon cruise on Lake Minnetonka on the beautiful Paradise Cruise boat, boarding at 1 Water Street in Excelsior at 12:45 for a two hour cruise around the lake. Enjoying the sites of the beautiful homes which surround the lake and also viewing Minnesota's turning of the leaves into their traditional fall colors while reminiscing with friends of over 65 years - nothing could be better! Don't think about it, but the boat can be fully enclosed. With our positive thinking of above, that won't be necessary. Also, the Paradise boat is handicap accessible.

You may choose to arrive in Excelsior early and enjoy the small town feel as you wander around and maybe shop in one of their unique gift shops or antique stores. Or you may wish to saunter along the lake shore of the park which is adjacent to the boat landing. Eating lunch in wonderful downtown Excelsior before boarding the boat could be another option. Dessert is included and will be served during the cruise and a cash bar and snacks are also available on the boat. (Free parking on street or at a public lot off Second Street or meter parking along the park).

"Music That Tickles!"

Singer, Musician, Humorist, Author

After our pleasant day, Wednesday, cruising around the lake, on Thursday we will gather at the Minnesota Valley Golf Club for a most enjoyable luncheon. The view of the golf course always adds to the fun and enjoyment of the luncheon. Some of you may remember way back to 1994 to 1997 when we also had our luncheons at Minnesota Valley. The Social hour will begin at 11:30 with lunch being served at 12:15. You will note the menu choices on the registration form.

After lunch we will be entertained with "MUSIC THAT TICKLES" presented by Singer, Musician and Humorist Shawn Sweeney. If you would like a preview of Shawn go to his web site It also lists the many, many places he has performed as well as other entertainers with whom he has performed. It will be a memorable afternoon.

Minnesota Valley Country Club is located at 6300 Auto Club Road in Bloomington. Highway 100 becomes Normandale Road south of I-494. From that intersection continue south on Normandale which then at a curve in the road becomes Auto Club Road. The club is on the right.

Your committee is aware that some of you might not choose to drive to Excelsior or Bloomington but maybe you could car-pool with someone. Or if some of you who will be driving will volunteer to take others we will try to be the matchmakers with those who need a ride. Please note your need or willingness on the registration form.


After sixteen years an assumption could be made that many of us who have been attending our yearly reunions would like to thank the committee members who have been the organizers, arrangers, mailers and the attendees at many meetings for all these years. For our Big Fiftieth Reunion we had several sub-committees and their committee members planning that three day affair as well as producing the "Best Year Book", at least according to several critics from other classes who admired our book. The committee of the last several years has also been involved in all of our reunions and we do sincerely thank them: Patty DICKERSON Doten, Joyce ENGSTROM Knippenberg, John FINNEGAN, Phyllis HUBBARD Thornley, Marlowe IVERSON, Jerry KNIPPENBERG, Eleanor LANGFORD, Raidt, Joyce LARSON, Martinson, John LEAK, Betty LOOMIS Obenchain and Don MODEEN.

AND the committee would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who have attended and supported our yearly reunions since 1993. Thanks to all of us - attendees and organizers for a fun consecutive sixteen years.


As more of us get comfortable using computers, please be aware of our Central Web Site that will keep you in contact with activities about Central by class years as well as general information, such as our Pioneer Luncheons every other month. The web site address is and our Pioneer luncheons for the men are the first Tuesday of every even numbered month and the ladies the second Tuesday of every even numbered month.

All our past reunions

According to the best memories of our committee members the when and where are listed below:

       10th    Radisson Downtown
       20th Richfield Legion Hall
       35th Decathlon Club
       40th Fort Snelling Officers' Club
       45th Thunderbird Motel
       50th Thunderbird Motel
       51st Minnesota Valley Country Club
       52nd Minnesota Valley Country Club
       53rd Minnesota Valley Country Club
       54th Minnesota Valley Country Club
       55th Thunderbird Motel
       56th Fort Snelling Officers' Club
       57th Fort Snelling Officers' Club
       58th Fort Snelling Officers' Club
       59th Fort Snelling Officers' Club
       60th Ramada Thunderbird Inn
       61st Knights of Columbus Marian Hall
       62nd Knights of Columbus Marian Hall
       63rd Knights of Columbus Marian Hall
       64th Knights of Columbus Marian Hall
       65th You Know! And You Be There!

And the honored ones for perfect attendance at all of our reunions since our Fiftieth Reunion are:
Drum Roll Please!

Gen NOEL Emahiser


Our January class had 153 members and the June class 338. Of that total of 491 we are mailing 186 Newsletters this year. Our last several reunions have consistently had about 50 class members attending with a total of 70-80 including spouses/guests. It would seem that with more than 25% of us still active, and it would seem the number would be much greater with others just not attending our reunions, we octogenarians from 1943 are still having fun and doing quite well. It also would be interesting to know about those in our class we have lost contact with.


Kay BRANDVOLD Rigelman             ?             2007
Jim CONLEY June 2007
Tom GOOD June 2002
Bill HARWOOD April 2007
Mary Ann HOWELL Barden July 2007
Dick KRANZ June 2007
Achilles MASSAHOS February 1999
Audrey MESERVEY Larson April 2005
Shirley THOMAS Reinhardt ? ?


Carol ENGER Marshall
Maxine FLOROS Kazanas


For your convenience a few hotels are listed below with their prices and phone numbers. There are many more along I-494, these are only a sample. Add 13.65% tax.

Ramada (Was the Thunderbird)
     Very near Mall of America
     $109.00, 952-854-3411

Hampton Inn
     Near I-494 and France Ave.
     $116.00, 952-835-6643

Crowne Plaza
     Near I-494 and Hwy. 100
     $189.00, 952-831-8000

     Near I-494 and Hwy. 100
     $189.00, 952-893-8419
    Days Inn
     Near I-494 and Hwy. 100
     $70.00, 952-835-7400

Country Inn/Suites
     Near I-494 and Hwy.100
     $134.00/$189.00, 952-831-9595

     Near I-494 and France
     $199.00, 952-893-9500

La Quinta
     Near I-494 and Hwy. 100
     $89.00, 952-830-1300


Living on earth is expensive but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.

How long a minute is depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on.

Birthdays are good for you - the more you have the longer you live.

Ever noticed that the people who are late are often much jollier than the people they have kept waiting?

Most people are about as happy as they made up their minds to be.

A happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

You may be only one person in the world, but you may also mean the world to one person.

Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

Donšt cry because its over - smile because it happened.

     John Leak
     5245 Meadow Ridge
     Edina, MN 55439


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