New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913

Central High School

New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913


Ann Sothern

Ann Sothern/Harriet Lake: Actress. Graduated, 1926. Born in North Dakota, she was very outstanding in high school, given many, many awards for original musical compositions. She was a member of the Central news staff, and was very active in the theater productions. Upon graduations she went to Hollywood, she joined MGM and later Columbia Pictures. She is best known as "Maise" but has been seen in many other films such as "Cry Havoc." "America's Sweetheart" and Everybody's Welcome."

The above material was taken from "Tribute to Triumph: Central High School 1860-1982", published by students of Central High School, 3416 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May, 1982 for the closing of the school.

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