New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913

Central High School

New Central High School, Minneapolis, Minnesota - 1913


Eric Sevareid

Eric Sevareid - 1930 graduate. While at Central he was on the News staff (Editor in Chief); Quill and scroll (Pres.): student council (pres.); footlights; Swimming 1930; Class Cabinet. In over 40 years as a newsman, Sevareid has been a war correspondent, radio news broadcaster, television commentator and columnist, as well as a newspaper reporter and editor for the Paris Herald and the United Press. He has been regularly involved in CBS News. In a letter to him concerning the closing of CHS, he said, "I'm glad you're trying to memorialize the students who went to Central."

The above material was taken from "Tribute to Triumph: Central High School 1860-1982", published by students of Central High School, 3416 Fourth Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota, May, 1982 for the closing of the school.

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